Welcome to the ​​ROUVO FISHING "Circle"

Rouvo Fishing, LLC.  Is a Connecticut based lures and accessories manufacturer committed to producing high quality products for the all around fisherman, from the weekend fun to the tournament grind.

Our fishing products are ORIGINAL, INNOVATING and EFFECTIVE.
The ORIGINAL Inventors and creators of THE SLIDE-OFF WEEDGUARD™  a revolutionary accessory on the market that enables you to fish in places you never thought possible without getting hung up on grass, brush or weeds.


Our team of engineers and designers worked hard to develop an extremely useful and versatile Weedguard that can be attached on and off at any moment and can be used with Crappie Jigs, Hair Jigs, Round Ball Head Jigs, Football Head Jigs, Darter Heads, Tube Jigs to name a few.

Attached to pre-riged Swimbaits, allows the fisherman the freedom of fish in the thick of brush and not get hung up with any of these baits. 
The SIMPLE, UNIQUE and SLICK design allows you to attach it to your lures in seconds making your jigs completely weedless when you need it most so you can fish in the heaviest of cover with confidence knowing that you won't get hung up.